Nursery Life

At Kindergarten Cottage we understand that leaving your child for the first time in Nursery is a big event and can be a stressful and upsetting time for you and sometimes, your child, so therefore, we try and make this as easy as possible.

Once your place is booked but before your child starts Nursery, we will offer you and your child the opportunity to attend 'settling in sessions'. This experience is invaluable and will enable us to begin to build important relationships with you.

Settling in is a gradual process which will help you feel more comfortable and confident in leaving your child for longer periods of time on each visit, and then on their first day, you will be happy and reassured that your child is contented and settled. You are welcome to stay in Nursery as long as you like with your child, until you are satisfied that they have adapted to the new environment and are happy. We ensure that you are given every opportunity to talk to your child's Key Worker and other Nursery staff.

Good communication between staff and parents is vital, as it will enable us to provide full reports on the progress your child is making and answer any questions you may have.

Regular newsletters are produced for parents which detail Nursery activities, changes to policies, general information, updates on the Nursery staff team and any other information which you, as a parent should be aware of.The nursery is inspected each year by our registering body the South Eastern Trust. The report is available for parents to view.

There are notice boards around the Nursery, which contain specific information for each Room and the activities or events taking place. Your child's day will be carefully planned and all activities are prepared appropriate to each age group.

Your child will only progress to the next stage when they are ready and when this has been discussed with you, and you are happy with this decision.

For more information please click to download one of the documents below:

Settling In

Baby Play Routine - (11 WEEKS to 18 Months) Staff Rooom ratio 1:3

Toddlers Play Routine - (18 to 30 Months) Staff Rooom ratio 1:4

Preschool Routine - (30 Months to School age) Staff Rooom ratio 1:8

After School Routine

General Nursery Policies

Health and Safety Policy

Terms and Conditions